There are plenty of options when you only have the basic syrup ready. Use syrup for your apples, waffles or pancakes. Both adults and children will love it.

IngredientsMandala Pancake syrup

75 cl. Water

1000 gr. Cane sugar

5 pieces. Star anise

2 pcs. cinnamon sticks

5 pieces. Allspice

Peel off 1 orange

What to do

Within the cocktail world, you use the term “simple syrup”, which is actually a sugar syrup, of equal parts of water and sugar. Here we decreased the amount of water down, as it should preferably give a thicker consistency.

Boil the water, and pour onto the sugar. Add anise and allspice, add the orange peel a little later.

Let the sugar syrup simmer for 10-15 minutes, and then the cinnamon sticks come in. Now, just cook it well, with low heat. Take a little syrup on your forefinger and feel how it “sticks”, when it’s sticky it’s done. Total cooking time approx. 30 minutes.

Pour the entire contents of a syringe / patent bottle and store it on the coil, the thicker the consistency, the longer the shelf life.

Tips. Replace the spices with, for example, rosemary, and use rosemary syrup, to a rosemary Kirr, for a welcome drink.

As a former colleague once said. “This syrup should be poured into bottles and sell because it’s really good.”