500 grams of small tomatoes on a stalk (Cherry or similar)

1 dl Lager vinegar (uncolored)

75 grams of cane sugar

1 tablespoon Mandala Himalayas salt

1 teaspoon Mandala Pepper Mix

12-15 threads of Mandala Safran

½ dl Water

What to do

If there is one person to say who really loves pickling, it’s the “chef in the house”. Everything that can be pickled, it is pickled, salted, fermented and recycled. He is looooooving it, simply. Maybe soon he will need a second a fridge.

Gently rinse the tomatoes, then cut them off by the stem. Just let the flower sit on it, it’s decorative, and has an effect when serving.

Put the tomatoes in a dish and dot them a couple of times with a flying needle or the like. Pour them in the oven for 10-12 hours at 50-60 degrees

Bring all the other ingredients into a small saucepan and boil it. Put the tomatoes gently, in a siphon jar, patent glass or other with a tight lid. cover the tomatoes with the sauce and store for minimum one week.

The recipe for pickling can also be used if you have too many mushrooms or carrots.

Tip: Serve tomatoes with a portion of Risotto, or as an accessory to a cold fish dish. They are pretty sweet, so try them as a snack with a glass of white wine.

Save the pickle, and repeat the process when the first batch of tomatoes is eaten. Repeat over and over again, eventually cook it into a syrup, which you can use for Foie Gras, Bresaola, Bündtner Fleisch, or other South-American sauce.