Raspberry Mojito Mandalastyle

Mandala Rapserry Mojito

This drink will have you craving for more and more and more…

4-6 ripe raspberries.

1 good handful of mint leaves.

6 cl. Ready-made Mandala Elderflower white.

1 teaspoon of cane sugar.

Lots of crushed ice.

Mineral water (the chef in the house prefers, San Pellegrino).


Course of action

Mint leaves are picked by the stem and muddle with raspberries and cane sugar.

Fill the glass to the edge, with crushed ice. Cover the mass with Elderflower white, stir gently around.

Feel up with mineral water, and serve immediately, with a raspberry and a large stick of mint on top.

Remember a large drinking straw, with a large diameter, so you can take a little of the broken ice up.


Tip: Try it also with other berries, and in the season of elderflowers, then replace sugar with elderflower juice.

The chef in the house also uses this recipe, where it is with Copen-Havanna instead of Elderflower white.

Totally a summer drink!