Nutmeg Mace
Myristica Fragrans

Country of Origin

Nutmeg mace is the dried seed covering from the fruit of the nutmeg tree.
The first layer inside the thick skin of the plum look-a- like fruit is the mace covering the nutmeg
shell. After harvest the mace is dried and used broad and widely as a spice in The East, often
overlooked in Western cooking.

Taste Characteristics
Nutmeg mace has a floral fragrance and a slightly milder and finer taste than the nutmeg.

Nutmeg mace is used especially for seafood dishes and in Indian cooking.
In western cooking it is used in desserts and ice cream. Furthermore it is often used as an ingredient in snaps, cordials and even in Coca-Cola.

The nutmeg tree originates from the Moluccas, which is a group of small islands in Indonesia.
Today, nutmeg trees are cultivated in southern Asia, Caribbean, Caribbean and Brazil.

Included in these spice mixtures
Julesnaps, Påskesnaps, Elderflower White, Elderflower Ice Tea.