Mango Powder
Mangifera indica

Country of Origin

The mango tree is a 15-18m high, evergreen tree with narrow, up to 30 cm long, solid, dark green
leaves that form a dense crown. The fruit is fist sized and red/green coloured depending on maturity.
The meat of the fruit is yellow and turns sweeter and mushier with ripeness.

Taste Characteristics
Mango tastes sweet and aromatic and is one of the fruits referred to as having the 'exotic' flavour. The freeze drying process makes sure that the sweet and aromatic flavour remains in the powder.

Mango powder is often used in Indian food, especially in sea food dishes. Together with buttermilk it makes the popular Indian sweet drink, Mango Lassi.

Mango originates from India, where they call it "King of the Fruits".

Nutritious properties
Mango has a high content of B and Vitamin C

Included in these spice blends
Mango Karry, BBQ Chicken Rub