Foeniculum vulgare

Country of Origin



Fennel originates from the Southern Europe, and is grown both because of the seeds and because of its
tuberous-like root, used as vegetables, especially in the southern European cuisine.

Taste Characteristics

The small seeds have a warm licorice-like taste, similar to anise and star anise.


The sweet anise-like flavor makes fennel suitable for seafood. When cooking the known Provencal dish, grilled au fenouil, grilled sea bass, multe or other fish, the main ingredient is fennel. The little colored pastilles that you get with the bill in Indian restaurants are candied fennel seeds.


In ancient Rome, where you strayed hay on the floor, fennel was used on the floors on festive occasions, and the Latin term, foeniculum, actually means fragrant hay. The city of Funchal in Madeira is named after fennel. When the poets in 1418 landed on the island, they met the lovely fragrance from the wild-growing fennel plants.


Fennel seeds are rich in especially copper, iron and a variety of antioxidants.