Here is an Easy Chicken Diablo Recipe. It is both easy to make and ultra delicious, but be careful, it’s not for children. It is called Red, Hot & Heavy for a reason, because just like Pretty Maids first classic album, it really rocks.

1 chicken

1 pack of Red, Hot and Heavy

2 pieces of red chili

1 lemon

2 cloves of garlic

Olive Oil

Rasp or dried bread

Course of action

Divide the chicken into the thigh and chest, cut the leg and chest legs.

Put the breast fillets in a bag and knock them out with the bottom of a saucepan.

Grate garlic, chop chili, tear the lemon of the lemon, squeeze the juice into a bowl, mix with a package of Red, Hot and Heavy and a little oil.

Turn both thighs and breast pieces and style on the bowl. Possibly. vacuumers if you have a vacuum machine.

In another bowl pour Rasp, invert the breast pieces and season with salt.

The thighs were cooked in the oven at 185 degrees for approx. 30-35 minutes

Brush the pieces, roast golden on a pan and lay on a grid. Stir finished on the grate inside the oven, let them finally drip down on the thigh pieces.

It is all served with a salad of your choice, possibly. with some crisp oven potatoes and a light lemon Mayonaise.

That was our easy chicken diablo recipe, we hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comment section.

Bon appétite