Dill Tips

Anethum graveolens

Country of Origin



The 1-year Umbelliferae, which becomes approx. 1 meter tall, originated from Central Asia and grows wild in the countries around the Mediterranean. It also grows the Scandinavian kitchen gardens. The plants have thread-like leaves which are used as a herb. The dandelions keep the color and taste when dried. Also, the seeds from the plant are used as spices.

Taste Characteristics

Dill Tips has its own taste, which is best compared to mild editions of anise, fennel and it comes with a touch of parsley.


Dill Tips is widely used for seafood. When boiling crayfish, add some dill, and when boiling new potatoes add some as well.


In ancient Babylon and Egypt, you the plant grows wildly. The Romans considered dill as strengthening and therefore gave it to the gladiators before battle. In the Middle Ages, dill was used as a cure for insomnia, and the name Dill comes from the Old Norse word ‘dilla’ which means calming.


Dill is rich in fiber, vitamin A, and iron.