Dill seeds

Anethum graveolens

Country of Origin



Dill is a one-year herb of the screen plant family. Dill is in the fennel and parsley-family. Dill can be used fresh or dried, and the leaves, flowers, and seeds of both the dill plant can be used for cooking.

Taste Characteristics

Dill seed has a fresh and aromatic scent and a light and spicy flavor.


Dill seeds can be used as a spice when pickling, for example beetroot and gherkins. They can also be used in vinegar and snaps.


Dill originates originally from Central Asia and the plant grows wildly in the Middle East. The plant is known all the way from ancient Egypt. From here it spread to Greece, Rome and the rest Europe. Today, dill is used primarily in northern, central and eastern Europe.


Dill is very nutritious and contains carotene, vitamin C and a number of other strong antioxidants. Dill has a high content of iron and lime.