Den Smagløse is one of the weirdest cafés in the world, but also one of the best- here’s why

Den-smagløse-café- Mandala Organic

Who doesn´t want to sit in this bar?

Den Smagløse Café is pretty hard to describe. The concept is built around bad taste, yet it is one of the classiest places in Scandinavia. People from all over the world flock to the little Café, and it is by far one of the most popular attractions in the city of Odense.

The place is filled with people of all shapes and sizes, wearing everything from shorts to Armani suits. This is where students come to relax during exams, where businessmen meet to discuss big plans, and where lovebirds meet up on the first date. But why you ask? 

The interior  

It can be hard to grasp, why a place that looks like your great grandmother’s living room is such a massive success, but in fact, this is one of the reasons why. No other place has a variety of sausages on display, Barbie dolls on the counter and old vinyl on the walls.

When the sun is out, the fun is out

While everybody else is going for a fancy-schmancy look, Den Smagløse does the exact opposite. And quite frankly it is a huge relief. Everything is underplayed in a way that makes visitors relax. Some of the installments are even pretty damn funny, like the “Pølseum” made by WurstWelts collection of sausages.

When the weather allows it is also possible to enjoy a drink in the beautiful courtyard at the back of the café. When the sun is out, this is the place to be.


Coffe & Cake

As any other Café in the world, Den Smagløse also serves coffee and cake. But It seems as if they really put a lot of effort into this relatively simple task. The coffee is organic and fairtrade labeled, and it is always made with a double shot of espresso.

The cake is on par with the best bakeries out there, and even the cream for whipped cream is organic and fresh. We can´t quite figure out if they make the cakes themselves, because it seems as if the cakes are made by professional pastry chefs.



Den Smagløse is not only a place that serves good coffee, cold beer, and wonderful drinks, it is also a cultural institution. Every week you can different events, and each Monday you can attend Quiz night, which is very popular, and very stimulating for both the brain and the laughter muscles.

Each Wednesday you can listen to live music, from the local talent pool, and on the weekends you can find epic DJ’s spinning on real turntables of course. Again the clash between kitsch and pure awesomeness is remarkable.



Den Smagløse - Cornflower Dry Gin

If you look close enough, you can spot the true meaning of life

As stated above the coffee is beyond excellent, but also the beer selection is really good. The beer is mainly from the local brewery Albani, but Den Smagløse also has a large selection of foreign quality beers on offer.

The drinks are made with love and passion. You can find classic cocktails, but as the bartenders are all up to date with the latest and greatest everything is possible. If you want a special drink, we are pretty confident the bartender can make it.

As Gin lays the foundation in any bar, Den Smagløse has chosen the beloved Cornflower Dry Gin as the supreme Gin of the house. This means you can get a G&T that will really rock your world.


The service 

We believe the service is the most important factor in the Café equation. We would never pay for a drink in a place with stuck up bartenders. So if you want to pay for overpriced coffee, served by a bunch of snobs, this is not the place.

Den Smagløse is known for having awesome people behind the bar. No other place takes so much pride in building good relationships with their customers. You often see people high fiving the bartender as drinks are served, and the friendly and passionate staff is perhaps the main reason we hold this place so close to our hearts.

So next time you stop by the great city of Odense, this must be the first place to visit.