1 can of chickpeas, or dried in soft overnight, then boil until they are tender
1 can of coconut milk with a “high” fat percentage
Red curry
1 knoll ginger, approx. a thumbnail size
1 clove of garlic
2 carrots
1 bundle of spring onions
1 red pepper
A little fresh coriander leaves

What to do

All vegetables are cut into straight strips, except ginger and garlic that are cut / torn off. Chickpeas and carrots are sautéed in a deep pan / broad pan, in the red curry, together with ginger and garlic.

Add the coconut milk and boil, and then lower to a low flare. Let it boil, stirring, so it just thickens a bit. Then add red pepper and simmer a little. Finally, season with salt and pepper, soy, red chili can also be used. And stir the last time while adding the spring onions. Serve in a small bowl or similar and sprinkle fresh coriander leaves on top.

In this recipe, almost all of the vegetables can be used, it is tried in winter, with root vegetables sweet potatoes etc. All vegetables apply!