1 whole pork tenderloin.

1 dl Olive oil.

1 piece of lemon.

1 handful of parsley.

1 letter Mandala Caribbean Jerk.

1 bundle of spring onion.

1 piece of shallots.

2 cloves of garlic.

1 dl Jasmin rice.

1 can of Kidney beans / or soaked to boil yourself.

Cotton cord / Madsnor, available in almost all supermarkets.

What to do

Start by “polishing” the pork tenderloin, discard any small tendons. Head and tips are stored to the freezer for a good curry dish.

Give the polished sirloin 3 slices of fine without cutting deep. Just cut deep enough so that it can be folded out, sort of like a harmonica. knock it relatively flat, with the bottom of a pan or the like.

Now it must be marinated, first with olive oil, then with the juice from a lemon and then rubbed well on both sides with Caribbean Jerk, use approx. half a letter. Let it stand and marinate for an ½ hour. Meanwhile, chopped parsley, spring onion, mustard onion, garlic fine.

Put the meat on a piece of plastic / foil or similar, as marinated meat can be a real mess. 2/3 out of the side add a row of the chopped herbs, use approx. half, the rest we use with the rice and beans.

Now roll the tenderloin again, as long as possible, without the plastic foil. And now tie the meat up like a sausage.

Brown the meat on a medium hot pan, in a little bit of oil while turning it. Fry in the oven for approx. 12-15 minutes.

In the meantime, we cook the rice and rinse the boiled beans in water.

When the rice is cooked, we add the last herbs, along with the cooked beans. And the roast glace from the tenderloin is poured on. Cut the strings loose from the meat and serve it in slices on top of the rice / bean mixture, preferably in a clay dish or the like.

Originally, the dish is from Jamaica, here you do almost the same, just with a chicken that you knock flat with legs and everything. It’s also very delicious if you want to try it too.