800-1000 grams of minced beef 8-12% fat

200 grams of chopped onion

4 eggs

100 grams of oatmeal

2.5 dl milk or a sparkling water

1 bg of Mandala Steak Rub

What to do

The beef steak is mixed in a mixer, or in the hand, with a whole bag of Steak Rub and the chopped onion.

Eggs come in one at a time and stir to even the mass.

Then add milk / sparkling water and finally oatmeal, stir thoroughly. And put on a cold for an hour about

Here are some of the many options:

Form the fry dishes with two spoons, or in hand, into small balls, and sprinkle on the pan in butter or oil.

Form them araound a grillstick and put them on the grill.

Turn them into polenta flour, brown them and cook them gently in a tomato sauce, good for spaghetti.

With a finished meatmix, there are countless possibilities.