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Mandala Organic Basil – Spicepedia

Ocimum basilicum

Country of Origin



Basil comes from Egypt and is a very well-known and widespread plant of the mint family. The Strong and shiny leaves are picked by the porous stems and are used fresh or dried.

Taste Characteristics

Dried basil does not have the same aromatic and carnal flavor as the freshly picked. The dried is more powerful and peppery.


Basil is indispensable in the Italian cuisine, where it is particularly suitable for pasta and tomato dishes and salads and not least as a main ingredient in pesto. The dried basil is Suitable for long-term cooking and simmering dishes, as it does not lose as much aroma as it is fresh.


Basil probably originates from East Asia, and is believed to have been cultivated in India in 5000. The plant became common in Europe through the 17th century.


Basil is rich in vitamin K